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Typebot is now more powerful, and easier to use!

By January 30, 2023April 14th, 2023No Comments

User experience improvements

We have spent a good chunk of time to improve the user experience of Typebot. Earlier, users were forced to install virtual audio cables to be able to caption desktop audio. Audio capture of desktop audio is now a default feature in Typebot.

For users with limited computer knowledge it is therefore easier to both install and set up Typebot, as you no longer need to edit Windows’ sound settings.

Real-time translation

Typebot now translates between two languages; text output for both languages can be displayed simultaneously, both as overlaid subtitles and in a separate window. It is also possible to display one language as an overlaid subtitle while the other is displayed in a window. If you have multiple monitors, you may select which monitor you want each subtitle to displayed on.

Graphical improvements

We have worked on improving the “jittering” that occurs when a new line is added to the subtitle when two languages are present on the same monitor. Some jittering may still occur when the speech-to-text engine “changes its mind” and produces a word that’s shorter than what it had initial planned to display.

Version for Mac

We are still working on a user-friendly version of Typebot for Mac. We currently have no ETA for the Mac version, but it is expected no later than May 2023.

Download Typebot for Windows

You can download and test out Typebot. It is free to both download and use!

Download Typebot