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Frequently Asked Questions


Is Typebot free to use?

Yes, Typebot is free to use! We rely on donations from both Stiftelsen Dam and our users to maintain operations.


Who are the developers of Typebot?

The development of Typebot is a joint effort between HLF Briskeby, the competency center of the Norwegian Federation of the Hard of Hearing (HLF) and Serbian technology company Naissus Technologies.

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Download & Install

What does "BETA" mean?

If you see the word Beta on the download page, it means that the available version is not the final and fully developed version of Typebot, and may have missing features.

Why does Typebot want to install in AppData and not in Program Files?

Simply put, this is for the overlay technology to function properly.

We recommend you keep AppData as the default install location.

Can I install Typebot on Mac?

Typebot is currently only available for Microsoft Windows.

We are working on a Mac version and are looking to develop a version for Android.

My antivirus tells me Typebot is a virus. How do I prevent this from happening?

This is known as a false positive, and is a harmless mistake by your anti-virus provider whenever it believes an ordinary program contains malicious code.

Should this problem occur whenever using Typebot, add an exception for Typebot in your anti-virus software.

Read articles related to adding exceptions for various anti-virus providers below.


Why do you have a minimum donation amount?

We have a minimum donation amount in place to prevent credit card scammers from using our payment gateway to test stolen credit cards.

I accidentally donated too much money. May I receive a refund?

If you have made a mistake with your donation amount, please contact us and we will help you sort it out.

Per our Terms of Service, we will not refund donations below €50.


Do I have to be connected to the Internet to use Typebot?

Yes. Typebot needs to communicate with its server via the Internet to be able to process speech to text.

Why are some buttons and toggles not interactable?

This means you are using a beta version, where some features are not yet available.

Do I have to manually update Typebot?

You can update Typebot from within the app in the Help tab.

Furthermore, you can always download the latest version here.

Why can't I find my language on Typebot?

Typebot does not support all languages.

The following languages are currently supported:

  • Arabic
  • Danish
  • Dutch
  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Greek
  • Italian
  • Portuguese
  • Russian
  • Serbian
  • Spanish
  • Swedish

We are continously adding new languages to our speech-to-text engine.

How do I control sound volume when using Typebot to caption desktop audio? The CABLE-INPUT slider does nothing.

Whenever you wish to increase or lower the volume of your sound source, you must select it in the playback devices dropdown list.

For instance, if the playback device currently in use as your audio source is Speakers (Realtek Audio), you must switch from CABLE INPUT to Speakers (Realtek Audio) and adjust the volume slider.

Remember to switch back to CABLE INPUT when you are done adjusting the volume. Otherwise, Typebot may not be able to listen to your desktop audio.


I cannot adjust my sound levels when using Typebot

Click on the 🔊 Volume control icon, and change audio source from Cable Input to Speakers (Realtek Audio) or any other audio unit you use to play sound.

Typebot suddenly stops captioning, despite there being sound

Simply put, this likely means there has been a reset in the communication between Typebot and the server.

If Typebot suddenly stops producing subtitles/text for you, simply restart Typebot and apply the same settings as you had when this problem occurred. Doing this should fix the problem. If it doesn’t, please contact us.

Typebot doesn't caption when I change Audio Source

Please allow some time for Typebot to make the switch between audio sources.

However, if the problem persists, go to Profile and turn Typebot off and on again while making sure that the audio source you want to use is selected.

Typebot doesn't run properly, and I installed it in a custom folder

Uninstall and reinstall Typebot, but this time, do not change the default installation path.

By not installing Typebot into the AppData folder, problems may occur with the real-time overlay functionality of the application.

Typebot suddenly captions a lot of nonsense

This usually occurs in the following scenarios:

  1. People are talking over each other, making it hard for Typebot to keep up.
  2. People are switching between languages

Automatic language detection is currently not a feature in Typebot.

To make it easy for Typebot to produce high quality captions, read this.

Typebot won't start when I click to open the program

Press CTRL+ALT+Delete, and open Task Manager to see if multiple instances of Typebot are running.

If yes, right click and terminate each instance and try to start the program again.

Maximizing the dashboard gives me a JavaScript error

Restarting Typebot is the best solution for this issue should it occur.

This is a rare occurence in later version. Please contact us or send an error report within Typebot if you encounter this issue.

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